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Road Network

The municipal road network has 5.6 kilometres of provincial roads, 33 kilometres of municipal roads and more than 50 kilometres of private roads.


Provincial Roads

There are two (2) provincial roads on the territory of the Municipality; Dunany Road and a section of Louisa Road form 86 Louisa Road (Wentworth Community Centre) to the intersection of Dunany Road. The maintenance of these roads is the responsibility of the Provincial government and all complaints concerning road conditions should be directed to the Minister of Transportation at 450-562-0221.


Municipal Roads

The Municipality performs maintenance and improvements on municipal roads so that our residents and visitors may travel safely.

Summer Maintenance:

The following work is performed during summer months:

  • Sweeping;
  • Line painting;
  • Repair of potholes;
  • Maintenance and repair of culverts;
  • Maintenance and reprofiling of ditches;
  • Repair to pavement and shoulders;
  • Mowing of shoulders
  • Brushing of road allowance.

Winter Maintenance:

Winter activities include:

  • Snow removal;
  • Sanding operations;
  • Snow blowing;
  • Snow removal from public areas and dry hydrants.

Private Roads

The summer and winter maintenance of private roads is the responsibility of the road owner or the residents on the road.  Caution:  Please check with the Municipality prior to buying a property to verify if it is situated on a private road!


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